• Summer & Fall: (May 15 - September 30) Reserve on-line or call us!
  • Summer & Fall: (May 15 - September 30) Reserve on-line or call us!
  • Summer & Fall: (May 15 - September 30) Reserve on-line or call us!
  • Summer & Fall: (May 15 - September 30) Reserve on-line or call us!


Allow us to introduce ourselves, owners, Annie & Mike Hopper. There is nothing like summer in Alaska and we embrace every single day. We believe that when visitors decide to get to know a place like the Alaska Range and explore its treasures, they will truly understand how this land transforms people's lives. We are able to arrange 3-6 day packages for our guests which include guided hikes, fishng trips, sightseeing by plane and canoe trips on a near by lake. 

Allow us to share our personal cabin and be prepared to take home memories like no other and explore areas that have taken us years to find. Summer packages provide a worry free way to see Alaska with knowlegeable guides who share their knowledge of the  culture, wildlife, the environment, history and the people of this area. Let us take you to visit the sheep on near by hillsides, hike trails to timberline and enjoy panoramic views of the Alaska Range mountains and the Delta River.  Take flight seeing trips to areas still untouched.  Enjoy the quiet, the wildflowers, the wildnerness and pristine valleys of the area.  

We look forward to sharing the knowledge of the valleys, the rivers, the mountains, the wildlife and nature in a way that most folks only read about. 

The fall is a remarkable time and the northern lights are spectacular as early as September.  Enjoy outings to see see moose in their natural habitat!


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Local guided hikes
For those who want to walk out of the lodge and onto the trail, our local trails provide guided access to the quartz-streaked bluff that dominates the eastern ridgeline far above the lodge. A 1-½ hour to 2-hour steady climb reaches the timberline and park-like ridges just above treeline. The more adventurous can navigate on their own up beyond the bluff to a distant knife-edge that connects to the south with equally sharp ridges heading back over to nearby Gunnysack Mountain, and in full circle down our trails and ultimately back to the lodge. All in all a great afternoon’s exercise in soul-lifting.

Choose from many amazing hikes, all just a short drive south of the lodge. These hikes can launch you up the drainages of Rainbow Basin, or a side trip to our mountain chalet, and, with a little effort, close-up views of Devil's Thumb and Mount Silvertip can be found. You can travel on a cable bridge over a rushing river to the face of a glacier. Maps can be provided to the independent hiker.

Views:  Ridges and mountain tops are very accessible from the lodge. Views are breathtaking. Better yet, let us fly you to the areas with unamed peaks!

hiking back to trident glacier 3


Annie and Mary fireweed field behind lodge

There is plenty of day light to explore the three tiers of waterfalls just beyond the lodge in the morning or afternoon.
Black Rapids camp for University scientistsBlack Rapids waterfalls 098

Explore Local Creeks and Canyons: This amazing area provides an excellent opportunity for a local geology lesson!


Local fishing areajason fishing

Fishing: There are many local fishing spots, with many species of fish valued by the anglers - including: rainbow trout, lake trout, Arctic char, northern pike, Dolly Varden, and Arctic grayling.

Many fishing spots are known for their abundance of blueberries.

king salmon pic

*Fly fishing and evening fishing is available.

We can also fly you south to fish for the famous Copper River Salmon!  Come fish for the best fish in the world!

This is your hostess with her 30 LB King Salmon!

Brandon Anniefishing mcqueen


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The lodge has wonderful wildlife viewing from its decks and from inside the lodge.  Caribou sightings are common near Donnelly Dome, just north of the lodge. Wild bison frequent the river beds west of the lodge in the spring and the fall. Our spotting scopes will assist you in seeing the sheep, common on the cliffs east the lodge. This area is abundant in moose and we see these massive animals almost daily!

The variety of birds are remarkable. Owls, raptors, ptarmigan are abundant. From the very smallest, to the very largest, the skies are alive with sound of music!


Summer & Fall: (May 15 - September 30) Reserve on-line or call us!
Mt. Hayes: Come fly near one of the world's 100 most beautiful mountians, the elegant 13,800 ft Mt. Hayes. Retrace the steps of Bradford Washburn, his wife Barbara, and small climbing party as they sought the first route up the long and winding northwest ridge in 1941.  (Mt. Hayes wouldn't be climbed again for another forty years in 1984!) Delicate alpine flowers dot the glacial moraine oif its side valleys.  

Summer & Fall: (May 15 - September 30) Reserve on-line or call us!
Alaska Range: Join us and explore the Alaska Range where undiscovered places still exist and stillness is still possible.  Our small landing strip provides easy access for small planes and quick sight seeing trips into the range. Glacier landings are available.

IMG_1184David Cindy Huck

Summer & Fall: (May 15 - September 30) Reserve on-line or call us!
Trident Glacier: Unknown to most, the 
Trident Glacier area provides acessible and amazing experiences.  If you were ever lost, you could be found again once seeing this transformative place. 

Summer & Fall: (May 15 - September 30) Reserve on-line or call us!
The Black Rapids Glacier: The Black Rapids Glacier, also known as the "Galloping Glacier" is famous for its surge in 1936, advancing over 225 feet a day!  This glacier is only a 30 minute flight west of the lodge!

Views from Gunny sack mountain hikeblack rapids glacier tourcave shotimage in cave
Explore the Ice Caves: A truely amazing experience exploring nearby ice caves - other close by  trails lead up to the glacier nearby the ice caves!


Rainbow Basin: Adventures up into the Rainbow Basin area promise spectacular views of the Deltas, the mountain playground north and gorgeous peaks with fairytale names - White Princess, Snow White, M’lady, Old Snowy - punctuating your horizon as far as you can see. It is only with great reluctance that you will abandon this view and return the way you came. It is like turning off the light after your mom read you a fanciful bedtime story.


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Summer & Fall: (May 15 - September 30) Reserve on-line or call us!

Going East near Tok?  Try flightseeing OR fly out hiking & rafting adventures! See the Alaska Range from another point of view or fly intothe Wrangell St. Elias Range area!

Call us for details!