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The Restaurant

The lodge has a full-service, open year-round restaurant serving three meals a day with home style meals for our guests and to the public! There is not another restaurant within 40 miles of the lodge. The good news is we serve extraordinary and delicious food, prepared with fresh and local ingredients. Our bar serves beer and wine Alaska-style. We can accommodate late check-ins and dietary restrictions (one week’s notice please). Meal costs are not included in summer or winter room rates.

Please call 24 hours ahead for reservations at 907-388-8391

Meal Rates

• Breakfast: $21 per person
• Lunch: $18 per person
• Dinner: $35 per person
• Dessert: $9 per person


Our dining room is one of our guests’ favorite areas. Each meal is a social event, where a diverse gathering of world experiences make every meal a joy. We strive to make each meal unique, using fresh local produce in season, Alaskan fish, seafood, and local meats. Service is unpretentious just like most Alaskans, served in relaxed atmosphere.

Our Chef, Tawnia Butorac-McCombs offers guests a wide variety of delicious meals from her kitchen. She started cooking at nine years old, is self-trained and enthusiastic about quality food. For the past seven years she has been experimenting with many culinary styles including vegan, vegetarian, Keto, and carnivore as well as standard American fare. Realizing that many of her friends and family lived with allergies and intolerance’s, she spent countless hours researching new methods of cooking and locating unique ingredients to make sure everyone could feast in style and comfort.

No menu item is secret and if you ask nicely, she will gladly share her recipes and may even invite you into the kitchen and show you how to prepare a dish.