Winter & Spring Adventures

Winter and spring activities are available October 1st – May 14th. Contact us to make your reservation!

Allow us to introduce ourselves: We are your hosts and owners, Annie and Mike Hopper, out for an afternoon of skiing.  We love winter! Winter sports are in full force in Alaska and are often a highlight for our visitors. We are able to arrange packages which include dog mushing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snow machining. These are common activities around the lodge and depending on the snow pack, can come as early as October and can last well past the month of April. This depends a lot on weather conditions and our guests’ level of expertise. Winter packages provide a worry-free way to see Alaska in the winter.

Packages are lodge-based. After all activities, guests return to the lodge at the close of the day. Prices include meals, lodging, equipment, and all activities. Activities are guided with a 1:4 ratio/one guide for every four people.


*A deposit of total of 50% of fees is required on all listed activities, which is non-refundable. Activities will be rescheduled due to weather cancellations within the same calendar year.

Activities depend on guest interest, level of fitness, and weather! Transportation available upon request. Learn more about some of our winter and spring adventures below.

Contact us to inquire about our 3-5 day winter and summer packages!
  • Chevron down Skiing & Snowshoeing
  • Skiing and snowshoeing are available for anyone who wants to just walk out of the lodge and onto the trail. Our winter trails serve as guided access to the quartz-streaked bluff that dominates the eastern ridgeline far above the lodge.  Beginning, intermediate, and expert groomed trails provide quick access to some of the most pristine areas of the Alaska range.  Trail maps for unguided guests are available. Skiing and snowshoe equipment is available for rent for the unguided guests.

  • Chevron down Northern Lights Viewing
  • Northern Lights viewing begins in early fall in the Alaska Range. We can arrange outings now with Northern Lights photographers who teach you how to take photos of the Northern Lights and escort you on excursions to “Chase the Lights” late at night!

    Forecasts of the Northern Lights can be found at the following websites:

    If the main focus of your visit is Northern Lights viewing, then a visit to the lodge during high forecast times is recommended.

    The Aurora can be seen from many viewpoints at the lodge, with panoramic views, north and south from the dining area, decks, and the belvedere. The lodge is located “off grid” which means minimal artificial light interferes with viewing the aurora.

    You can also be transported, via the Snowcoach or POD, to viewing sights near the lodge, including a mountaineering lodge located within one mile of our lodge. Evening rides and outings are frequent but do depend on weather conditions. Depending on the weather, we can arrange for a drive to “chase the lights” if the view is better north or south from the lodge.

  • Chevron down Flightseeing, Glacier Landings, and Backcountry Skiing
  • Winter flying and adventures are amazing in Alaska! Come see glaciers and mountains in their truest form in winter! Spring ski adventures and glacier landings are beyond your wildest dreams! During a flightseeing adventure, we will land on glaciers where you can take your time exploring and taking in the views. When there is a good amount of snow, we also give you the option of taking you up for a backcountry skiing adventure!

  • Chevron down Dog Mushing Tours
  • Guests will experience what the trip to Fairbanks was really like in the gold rush days for residents of the Interior of Alaska. This experience will trade in the warmth of their van heater for the adventures that only dog mushing in the crisp winter air of Alaska can provide.

    Whether it be dog mushing at kennels within 20 miles of the lodge or adventuring out to the Denali Highway, guests will be delighted by the perseverance and power of dogs pulling sleds through mountain passes, our adventures will bring this powerful mode of travel up close and personal. Dog teams are led by Yukon Quest winners, Iditarod racers and accomplished outdoorsmen and women, along with equally multi-talents chefs. Guests will have the opportunity to help steer dog sleds or ride snuggled under the warmth of Alaskan furs.

    Guests will have opportunities to interact to meet and interact with dogs at the kennel, and at times dog mush under the northern lights.

  • Chevron down Dog Mush to Winter Camp
  • Dog mushing to winter campout spots include a catered dinner and breakfast for one to two people and sleeping overnight in an arctic oven under the Northern Lights.

  • Chevron down Snowmachining
  • You are transported 30 miles south in the wide-open spaces above timberline on the south side of the Alaska Range. A guide leads only two quests at a time in one of the most pristine areas of Alaska. Depending on the amount of daylight, rides last from one to three hours.

  • Chevron down The Wonder of Ice
  • Ah the wonder of ice… cold is our friend in Alaska. We enjoy ice skating on Black Rapids Lake, less than a quarter mile south of the lodge.  Our tiki torches light up parts of the lake where we often have large fires to roast marshmallows!  Experience an amazing walk on frozen crystal clear lakes, rivers and creek beds, or visit our waterfalls, about an hour snowshoe or hike from the lodge.

*Guest Services include transporting guests to local outfitter to purchase winter gear as needed prior to departure for lodge.

Things to bring:

• Warm long johns top and bottoms (base layer)
• Fleece pullover top
• Shell ski jacket
• Shell pants or snow/ski pants
• Winter coat (rated to – 50 below)
• Wool socks (two pairs and one pair boot liners)
• Wind resistant hat, neck gaiter, and/or balaclava
• Warm gloves and/or mittens & Liners (rated 30 below)
• Winter boots (rated to -50 below)
• Sense of humor
• Sense of adventure

*All these items can be purchased prior to departing for lodge at local stores. We request sizes prior to arrival for expedited shopping.


Safety and Risk Management:

Due to the nature of outdoor travel there are certain inherent risks in all Outdoor Adventure’s trips. Acceptable risks include traveling with a daypack for several miles over uneven terrain, consisting of ditches, frozen rivers and creeks, as well as up and down inclined slopes. Conditions may include below zero temperatures, snow showers, and high winds. Driving risks may include slick and snowy roads, poor visibility, and wildlife. Please note that trip cancellations are possible with temperatures colder than -20F. It is important to recognize that you are voluntarily participating in this activity. By choosing to participate, you agree that you appreciate and accept responsibility for these risks. Alaska is a wild place.  Your safety is our highest priority.

*All guides have the ability to contact the lodge. Guides are trained in first aid for outdoor emergencies.
**Most travel is within one to two hours of the lodge.