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Year I & II

Year I & II: 1999 – 2000: Should we or shouldn’t we? “Initial Ownership” of property and the dream begins. Evaluation of future restoration efforts follow with architectural and engineering consultation.

Should we or shouldn’t we…? The day we decided to go for it… April 2000! The Rapids Roadhouse or commonly known as the Black Rapids Lodge is over 100 years old and is one of the last remaining roadhouses on the Valdez to Fairbanks trail. It is on the national historic register and has been under historic restoration since 2000 thanks to two grants from the State of Alaska Department of History and Archeology.

Recently, the roadhouse became part of the newly formed non-profit group called the Black Rapids Trust, Inc. whose mission is to preserve the memory of those that came before us. The roadhouse will eventually house a museum that depicts the history of the gold rush on this route, mountaineers in the area, and create an outdoor education program for youth in Alaska. The roadhouse almost fell into the glacial grit, but now with its sound foundation established, it has already held its own against the big earthquake.